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Republic Services Caps Landfill With Flexible Solar Cover

First company to integrate solar technology to create energy-producing cover system

  Who:    Republic Services, Inc., owner of the Tessman Road Landfill,
          CPS Energy and community leaders.  Republic Services, a leading
          provider of solid waste and recycling services, owns or operates
          242 transfer stations, 213 solid waste landfills and 78
          recycling facilities. The company is headquartered in Phoenix,
          Arizona and has more than 35,000 employees.

  What:   A dedication ceremony to commemorate the inaugural use of a
          flexible solar cover on a landfill. The Solar Energy Cover
          generates clean, renewable energy, reducing the need for
          nonrenewable sources. The landfill facilities now run completely
          on green power -- the solar technology and an existing methane
          gas-to-electricity plant.

          The flexible solar strips, developed by United Solar, capture the
          sun's rays for conversion into electricity and are adhered
          directly to a Firestone manufactured synthetic geomembrane cover.

          Republic and partner, CPS Energy, Greater San Antonio's electric
          and natural gas provider, will document the results of this
          project for use in the deployment of solar energy covers on
          landfills throughout the region and to provide electricity in
          excess of the landfill facilities' needs to area power customers.

  When:   April 2, 2009 at 11:00 a.m.

  Why:    As part of its ongoing commitment to creating cleaner, greener
          communities, Republic Services has embarked on a revolutionary
          new venture that will allow the company's landfills to increase
          their overall energy output.

          Republic operates more than 65 renewable energy projects
          nationwide, primarily capturing landfill gas. Republic's
          facilities provide enough energy to meet the needs of 319,177
          homes. Using this renewable energy source reduces emissions
          equivalent to taking more than 3,108,839 cars off the road. To
          have the same effect, you would have to plant 3,857,787 acres of
          pine or fir trees.

  Where:  The dedication ceremony will take place at the Tessman Road
          7000 East I-10, San Antonio, TX, 78219

          Take I-10/US 90 East past the intersection with I-410. Take exit
          583 toward N. Foster Road and stay on frontage road. Continue to
          first driveway and enter on your right. You will see an Allied
          Waste sign at the entrance to the landfill. (Approximately 15
          minutes from downtown San Antonio.)

          Media Contacts:
          Republic Services
          Peg Mulloy 480.627.2887;
          CPS Energy
          Bob McCullough 210.353.2344;

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