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Teamsters Local 631 Drops Charges Against Republic Services' Las Vegas Recycling Facility
Company Acted Appropriately and in Accordance with Federal Law

Republic Services today announced that Teamsters Local 631 has withdrawn its petition with the National Labor Relations Board seeking to represent employees at the company's Las Vegas recycling facility. This withdrawal took place after the Board, an agency of the federal government, rejected Teamsters' claims that Republic wrongfully terminated employees at the facility.

As a result of a routine immigration compliance audit, Republic determined that some I-9 records raised questions about proper work authorization documentation for some employees at the Las Vegas location. Six employees notified the Company that they were unable to provide appropriate documentation and no longer work for the Company. Other employees who failed to provide appropriate documentation after being given adequate time to do so also no longer work for the Company

"These actions are consistent with federal law and our business practices," said Bob Coyle, vice president Republic Services of Southern Nevada. "After a full and complete investigation, the National Labor Relations Board approved those measures."

Republic Services is committed to complying with all applicable laws, including those relating to immigration compliance and employee rights to organize. Federal immigration law requires the Company to ensure that its employees are authorized to work in the United States. Periodically auditing I-9 records is routine at Republic operations around the country and are part of the Company's overall immigration compliance program. These audits are conducted in a non-discriminatory manner, regardless of the race or national origin of the employees involved or any other classification protected by law, and regardless of whether they are union or non-union.

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