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Pledge to Make “Earth Day Every Day”
Republic Services Offers Simple #EarthDayEveryDay Tips That Can Have a Big Impact on the Environment

PHOENIX (April 17, 2019) This year, Republic Services, Inc. (NYSE: RSG) is pledging to make #EarthDayEveryDay and encouraging consumers to take a few simple steps to be better recyclers.

“Recycling is one of the simplest things people can do for the environment, but only if they are recycling the right way,” said Pete Keller, vice president of recycling and sustainability. “We know consumers have the best intentions, but around one-third of what they’re placing in the recycling container today doesn’t belong there. Simple steps, like not bagging recyclables, can reduce contamination rates, and ultimately contribute to a cleaner environment.”

Those items that don’t belong are known as contamination, and it includes otherwise good recyclables that are soiled by food or other residue, or items that aren’t recyclable in the first place. Common non-recyclables seen in recycling facilities include plastic bags, old clothing, diapers, yard waste and garden hoses.

Everyone has a part to play to clean up recycling. Pledge to make #EarthDayEveryDay, and follow these simple steps to be a better recycler:

Step 1: Know what to throw. Keep it simple and focus on the basics – 1) cardboard and paper, 2) metal and aluminum cans and 3) plastic bottles and jugs. With bottles and jugs, leave the caps on or throw them away – they’re too small to recycle by themselves. 

Step 2: Empty. Clean. Dry.TM Keep all recyclables free of food and liquid to avoid contaminating the recyclables around them. Don’t allow more than one teaspoon of liquid to remain in a recyclable container.

Step 3: Keep it loose. Never bag or bundle recyclables – items should be placed in the container individually. Plastic bags do not belong in household recycling, however many stores collect them for commercial processing.

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Infographic: Earth Day Every Day stats

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