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lic Services Unveils Apex Landfill Renewable Energy Generating Facility Set To Power 10,000 Southern Nevada Homes
Republic Services (NYSE: RSG) and Energenic Unveil the Apex Landfill Renewable Energy Generating Facility

LAS VEGAS – May 17, 2012 – Republic Services (NYSE: RSG) and Energenic unveil the Apex landfill renewable energy generating facility. The facility, set to generate enough electricity to power more than 10,000 Southern Nevada homes, is the largest of its kind in the state of Nevada. Last year Republic Services retained project partner Energenic to design, build, operate and maintain the facility at one of the nation's largest landfills. NV Energy entered into a 20-year power purchase agreement for the sale of energy produced from the 12-megawatt landfill gas powered facility.

Energenic receives landfill gas extracted from a series of wells at the landfill and processes the gas in two state-of-the-art turbine-generators to make renewable electricity for NV Energy customers. The captured methane is converted to water and carbon dioxide when the gas is burned to produce electricity.

Using landfill gas in this manner reduces the dependence on other natural resources and improves air quality and carbon emissions. Harnessing the power of landfill gas energy provides environmental and economic benefits to landfills, energy users, and local communities as well as supporting green job creation in the economy.

NV Energy's President and CEO Michael Yackira noted that the new landfill gas-powered facility is one of 45 renewable energy facilities that are benefitting or will benefit NV Energy customers throughout Nevada.

"Our project with Republic Services and Energenic is good for our customers, the economy and the environment, as well as important to help us meet Nevada's renewable energy portfolio standard," Yackira said.

Republic Services of Southern Nevada area president, Joe Burkel noted the much anticipated renewable energy project will make significant positive impacts on our local environment. "Using landfill gas for electric power production provides an additional source of clean, domestically fueled energy production. This is an invaluable opportunity to use the gas produced at the landfill for energy generation and further endorses our mission to reduce our carbon footprint as a company and community."

"The facility unveiling is a win for clean energy" said Frank DiCola, President of Energenic. "Landfill gas to energy technology is a crucial component to our clean energy future. This facility will lead the way with its sophisticated landfill gas treatment system thus allowing for one of the few landfill gas facilities in the country with post emission treatment making this a viable green project. We appreciate the opportunity to work with Republic Services and NV Energy on this exciting project."

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